Roi appreciates the offer, and Lusty gets to work, spilling some lotion on the snakelady’s back. A little too much lotion. In fact, Lusty isn’t sure any amount of lotion was needed on skin that effectively repels liquids.
The elf eases into the massage, feeling the muscles of Roi’s back loosen under the smooth scales. Lusty leans closer, accidentally letting her breasts brush against Roi’s back as she works out the knots in Roi’s neck. Lusty tenses with the mistake, but Roi only lets out a sigh of contentment.

Roi wonders aloud if Lusty is interested in “a change of pace”.

How should Lusty reply?

  1. Ask what Roi has in mind.
  2. Suggest a swim.
  3. Increase the intensity of the massage.
  4. Swig jump in the middle and tell the girls to include him too, he doesn’t want to be left alone! (one day swig will have his time to shine (?))

Patrons voted for Option 1