I reserve the right to refuse commissions for any reason.
I do SFW illustrations and NSFW. For what I will and won’t draw for NSFW illustrations, please see “My Dos & Don’ts List” at the bottom of this page. If you’re not sure, please ask!


  1. Please email me at Lustycomic (at) Gmail (dot) com. Indicate clearly in the subject line that this is a commission.
  2. In this email, please describe clearly what you would like (please refer to my price guide on this page for help). A short paragraph of three or four lines should be fine, but don’t worry if you need more space than that.
  3. Please attach any photos or images you think may help me with the character(s), the pose(s) , the costume(s), or anything else. Please label these images and tell me what each one refers to.
  4. Once I have received the email, I will let you know if I’m able to take your commission. If so, I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal. I don’t have other payment options available at this time (My apologies!).
  5. Once I’ve received payment, I will make a preliminary sketch and send this to you. You’ll have a chance to look over the sketch, and ask for any minor changes should they be needed. Once you’ve given the OK, I’ll continue making the illustration

This whole process should take approximately 2 weeks from receiving payment to completion. If anything may delay the illustration, I’ll let you know!

A note on the price guide: If you would like to commission something that doesn’t fit neatly into any of these categories, or you’d prefer just a sketch or lines without colour, please email me to ask about it. I’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Price Guide

Bust (head to bust)

$60 USD

Half body (head to waist)

$80 USD
+ $40 for extra character
+ $20  for simple background
+ $65 for complex background

Full body (head to toe)

$100 USD
+ $50 for extra character
+ $20 for simple background
+ $65 for complex background

Chibi (large head and small body)

$80 USD
+ $45 for complex outfit
+ $20 for simple background
+ $65 for complex background

Comic pages, Posters, Header art, YouTube channel art

Approx $200-$350 USD, price will vary with complexity of commission, please contact for a quote

Logo/Promotional artwork

Upwards from $200 USD, price will vary with complexity of commission, please contact for a quote

Twitch emotes

Approx $75 USD for 3 emotes, price may vary depending on complexity


My Dos & Don’ts List


I do make adult illustrations with the following:
– Heterosexual, Lesbian
– Lactation, cum, sweat
– Anal, rough sex
– Trans, intersex, futanari
– Rule 34 (fanart)
– Monster girls, beastkin
– Classical mythical beings (e.g. mermaids, naiads, werewolves, vampires)
– Pregnant women
– Light BDSM gear and situations (please ask if you’re unsure)
I don’t make adult illustrations with the following. Sorry about that!
– Gay, yaoi
– Loli, shota, children, minors
– Guro, gore, dismemberment, scat, vomit, necrophilia
– Bimbo, adult baby, extreme BDSM gear and situations (please ask if you’re unsure)
– Racism, race play
– Rape, non-con, extreme violence
– Alien/Monster impregnation, egg implantation
– Bestiality
– People you know*, celebrities
* The only exception to this is if the person gives me their express written permission to make adult artwork of themself. Please do not send me someone’s nudes without their permission. Please do not commission me to draw porn of someone who hasn’t given their permission. If anything appears even a little suspicious, I will say no.