First Things First!

Where can I ask you things?

One good place is my curiouscat!

Do you take commissions?

Yes! I may or may not currently be busy – please contact me first! Here’s my commission info.

How do I support Lusty?

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About Lusty


What inspired Lusty?

The character of Lusty is inspired by an old friend’s fantasy character description, which was basically a fantasy version of herself. From memory, she was a human shieldmaiden wearing skimpy clothes and a user of frost magic. There was no illustration of her, but I liked the idea of an unashamed sex-positive warrior woman, so I made my own character (an elf who works as a treasure-hunter and monster-slayer) for a short comic I pitched to an adult content website. The website didn’t pick it up, but I liked the idea so much I’ve kept drawing Lusty since 2015, evolving her as I’ve gone along. The comic started in mid-2016 with three pages, then I continued in November up until the present day!

What are Lusty’s “measurements”?

Lusty’s boobs are about the size of her head! I use little comparisons like that when I draw her, (as well as character sheets) to try and keep her design consistent. Otherwise I have no idea how to measure her in terms of cup size/bust size/band size.

What does Lusty’s voice sound like to you when you read/write her dialogue, high soprano or a deeper contralto?

She’s more of a mezzo soprano perhaps? I’m not sure of the exact terminology to use for her vocal range. It’s not high-pitched and girly, nor is it very deep. Lusty has a clear & confident womanly voice, one that you’d enjoy hearing.

What is Lusty’s necklace made from?

Vampire teeth, specifically the top jaw incisors and canines from one particular vampire.

Is Lusty pansexual?

She’s into anyone she finds cute, and they don’t have to fit neatly into any box. So basically yes! That’s why she’s wearing the pan pride flag as a heart-shaped temp tattoo on her arm in the 2018 pride illustration
and has a pan pride flag bikini in the 2019 pride illustration.
Oh and… in 2019, a long while after I decided Lusty was pan, I figured out I was too. So pan pride!!!

How old is Lusty?

She’s an adult, but a young one by the reckoning of elves. I’m not sure exactly how old, but she’s likely older than she looks.

About Lilya

How old is Lilya?

She’s in her 20s.

Is Lilya a lesbian?

She’s into the ladies, so yes!

Can you please make Lilya like guys too?

Every time someone asks me this, she gets even gayer.

Would Lilya like trans women?


Is Lilya trans?

Lilya is a cisgender woman, but I like this fan theory so much, and I’m really touched by how many trans women have said to me that they love Lilya and empathise with her. You’re all awesome! ^_^

Art help questions

How do you colour so fast? 

(Long answer) It seems to take a long time to me!
This is how I colour using Clip Studio Paint (aka Manga Studio 5)
The program has a function that actually helps a bit with this. You can set a layer as a line reference layer (not sure of the name), and have a paint bucket set to “refer to other layer”. Paint bucket on a layer underneath the lines, and you’ll usually get a pretty good coverage with the paint going to halfway under the lines so there’s no 1 pixel gap between the colour and the line art.

There will be some problems e.g. little bits in corners between lines getting missed, so you’ll have to find those points and dab your colour there with a brush to fix it up manually.

But this is all a lot quicker than making selections, expanding your selections, paintbucketing the selections each time you want to colour a separate area.

I try to do as much colouring on as few layers as possible. I usually still end up with like 20, but it’s better than having 100s.

I usually have one base layer for each character or object, and link mask layers over the top for different things e.g. cheek blush, shine on the skin from wetness (wink), hair shadows and highlights.

I also keep backgrounds on separate layers underneath the characters and objects.

The main tools I use are:
– G-pen for dabs or large areas of colour that the paintbucket isn’t able to get.
– Dense watercolour at a small size. This is what I’m currently using for my linework, and it’s also helpful for doing colour with small lines and things like highlights in hair.
– Blend is good for pushing colours around and starting a gradient between two or more colours. I use this a lot for shadows and background work.
– Blur is used to finish off a gradient started by the blend tool, or softening the edge of a shadow. It’s good to use this sparingly, because otherwise everything looks like a dream sequence. A cast shadow of a hand on a stomach, for example, would still have a fairly sharp edge under normal light conditions.

How can I get better at drawing? I wish I was talented

(Long answer) Draw every day. Draw stuff you like. Look at photos of the things you’re trying to draw, look at how other artists have tried to draw what you’re drawing. Look up art tutorials online. There are plenty on YouTube and deviantART. I learned way more with online tutorials than I did in my last semester of college.

I want to reiterate: Draw every day.
Drawing is a skill like any other. Your brain will change shape and create new pathways with any new skill you attempt. As a baby, your brain does this a lot until you figure out how to grab something with your hand. When you’re a child, this happens again when you try to tie your shoelaces.
The key is persistence. Put the hours in, and you will get better. Every now and then you will make something that makes you proud. You will look at it and feel accomplished and want to show people. When that happens, keep drawing. And keep drawing. Soon you will make something you’re proud of again. And you will look back at the earlier drawing and feel embarrassed, because you have come so far since then! And when that happens, keep drawing.
Keep drawing and you will build up your brain, you will gain skill. There is no such thing as talent, just hard work.

If you want to draw, do it!

What’s the the secret to the QT-ness in Lusty’s design? Like, is there one thing that if you drew differently it just wouldn’t work?  I wanna crack this sexy, sexy code [The original phrasing of this question is left unaltered. I couldn’t resist – Dan]

Hmm. Idk. Lots of things. (Long rambling answer incoming)

I guess one thing is I try not to draw too many lines on her face, even if a person would usually have lots of lines in a particular facial expression. In comics, lines tend to dramatically age a character. This is more about age, than about beauty though I suppose.

It’s important to think about proportions on the face. If the mouth is too high, the chin can look huge. I try to get the face to come down to a soft point at the chin. Rounder, squarer jaws can be good-looking, but people tend to like heart-shaped faces more. Lusty’s nose is quite big compared to what someone might traditionally go for when drawing conventional beauty. Usually you would go with a smaller child-like nose. But while it’s large, I try to keep her nose a particular pleasing shape. It’s good to mostly line the bottom of the nose, and not so much the tops or the sides, even if it’s a larger nose (if you’re going for softness and feminine beauty). One more line tip I guess: Confident, quick, curved lines. Too many straight lines will make the face older, more masculine, or bonier (same goes for her body, not just her face). As for colour, I like to give Lusty a liberal dash of blush in her cheeks and slight redness on her ears and nose (and a little off-white highlight to show the tip of the nose). Of course she gets even more red when embarrassed, or aroused, or has a bad head cold.

As for the body, I’ve found no matter the size of the breasts, if the inner lines of each breast connect close to each other in the middle of the chest, most people will find that pleasing. Of course you can do what you like, that’s just a mainstream beauty standard.
Hourglass figure is another mainstream beauty standard (MBS). Lusty has quite the pronounced hourglass. Her bust and hips are wide, and her waist is small (though, not as small as corsets could create).
She is lightly muscled. MBS prefers smoothness or lean muscle. I try not to put too many lines on Lusty’s stomach. She has some abs, but also a layer of fat that smooths her stomach out a little, so if I do put any lines, they will be light and mostly on the sides of the abs coming up to the rib cage and flaring outwards. Of course, there are other kinds of beauty you may be going for e.g. muscular girls (more lines around individual abs), or a chubby girl (lower belly button, line underneath the belly, perhaps some light lines on the sides).
One thing I like to do with Lusty’s arms is keep them relatively thin. This emphasises the breasts.
Lusty’s thighs are thick, somewhat muscular with some fat smoothing out the skin. MBS may go for thinner thighs with a slight triangular gap between the top of the thighs.
MBS of the butt varies considerably as to size, but mostly it adores fullness and roundness. Square-angled lines and flat colouring will leave a butt looking flat. Curvy lines and generous lighting create a fuller effect.

Any specific tips for someone trying to art in Photoshop with a mouse? Or just things you wish you’d known as a beginner drawboy?

A mouse is mostly good for working with vectors i.e. mathematically drawn lines that can scale up or down to any size without losing resolution. Adobe Illustrator is a good vector-based art program I recommend. Otherwise you can look up tutorials to make Photoshop let you do vector art. It’s a bit harder and fiddly, but if you know how to do it, you can do vector art in Photoshop.
For vector art, look up some vector art tutorials on YouTube and deviantART and try out some things!

Assuming you want to do comic art, that’s a different story.
A mouse is going to make things much harder for you than if you had a stylus. Drawing with a mouse is like drawing while wearing boxing gloves. I’d recommend investing in a drawing tablet or stylus pad. I don’t prefer any particular brand. The one I’m using now is a Wacom Graphire CTE-640 from 2004 and it works fine (Update July 2018: it finally broke, folks!).

If you can’t buy a stylus/tablet, do your drawing traditionally with pencils, pens, and inks. Then scan in your art, so you can do your clean-up work and colours in photoshop.

If you do get a stylus/tablet, I recommend also getting the lightweight Paint Tool SAI program or the more expensive Clip Studio Paint (aka Manga Studio 5). Photoshop is powerful and can be used to do any number of things useful for art, but I find the program slows down a little when doing linework and gives you clumsy-looking lines that don’t always go where you want them to.

Pain Tool SAI is much cheaper, doesn’t have as many features, and lets you draw lines with ease. Fantastic little program.

Clip Studio Paint is more expensive than SAI, but has some more features that are good for making comics, and still gives you lines that are nicer than what Photoshop will allow.

Hope this is helpful!

Miscellaneous questions

Are the Lewd Fairy’s wings meant to look like dicks?

I’m not sure what you mean.

I am racist against elves. Do you draw any dwarf girls?

Yes I do! Please commission me for whatever kind of girls you like. They’re all good!

How about goblins?

I have gotten this question a million times. Yes!!

Do you only like big boobs?

Boobs or butts? (Totally original question, I know)

Last question, do you ever get off to your own lewd art?

Of course I don’t hahaha